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„What happens when you put together joy, love to work and long experience? The outcome is a perfect instrument. With tender attention given to each piece of wood, Kamil makes instruments precise in construction, reliable, and musically well resonating. Each piece I could try had its own expression, high tone culture and “willingness to sound”, which is their master’s ambition. It’s fantastic to have a workshop of the world- wide quality in such a small country and modest conditions – not that easy at all, I bet you!

I own a Grebender "JB4" designed specially for me. Having conducted a few acid tests on stage and in studio, through pop and jazz, in Bratislava or New York, I may say my bass guitar is a unique masterpiece indeed.

Kamil, thank you for helping me to get what I longed for.

Oskar Rozsa
(The author plays a
JB4 bassguitar)

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Each instrument produced at the Kamil Greben workshop
is an original, manufactured according to specific requirements.
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