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„I met Kamil in a pub one day and, as it happens, we talked about bass guitars. I told him what I thought about a fretless for a while now. A few weeks later he rang telling me he had just made one - inspired by our earlier chat!

So I dropped by at his place and saw a terrific instrument, made with great love and care. I took it in my hand, played it and knew it would be my darling. After some short experiments with the pickup, I bought it and it proved to be top class - both on stage and in studio! Excellent sound, balance, easy to play on, simply - first class.

When Kamil was giving it to me, he told me to play it with love. I am honoured and delighted, Kamil. Thank you.“

Martin Gaspar
(The author plays
a ElBow 5 fretless and Lochness V bass)

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Each instrument produced at the Kamil Greben workshop
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