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„My first bass guitar was an old Jolana for 250 crowns. Nothing special really. The second one cost me 1000 crowns and it definitely wasn’t value for money. It was back in 1984. I was a secondary school kid and I did not have enough money to buy a good instrument.

Klikni na obrazok!My bass teacher, Fedor Freso, showed me how and gave me a hand when I was making my first guitar. I had no idea that some day I would make more of them.

Klikni na obrazok!I experimented a bit, using a test-error method, and made samples. They correspond to the spirit of the times, access to knowledge and spare parts being scarce. (See one of the experiments: the „Paddle“ model).

Klikni na obrazok!Yet, my hobby slowly grew into obsession and I made more and more instruments. I'd be happy if I didn’t make some of them ;-), but thanks to them I've learnt a few things I would never find in manuals.

Klikni na obrazok!I have also learnt a lot from Bruno Urban, with whom I am happy to have been working since 1995.

I am still ready to experiment, so each piece from my workshop is unique.

Klikni na obrazok!The workshop is still a handcraft manufacture with necessary equipment only. All you touch on my instruments is genuine handwork (apart from the hardware, of course).


Each instrument produced at the Kamil Greben workshop
is an original, manufactured according to specific requirements.
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